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Degree: 11
Level Cap: 110
Europe Mastery: 220
Chinese Mastery: 440


Job-Limit: 1
PVP-Limit: 1
FTW-Limit: 1
CTF-Level: 20
CTF-Limit: 1
BA-Level: 95
BA-Limit: 1
Guild Limit: 32
Union Limit: 1
Guild Penalty: 7 Day
Job Penalty: 7 Day


Experience Rate: x50
Party Experience Rate: x55
Item Drop Rate: x10
Gold Drop Rate: x5
Alchemy Rate: x1.5
Stone Drop Rate: x2
Elixir Drop Rate: x2
Job Rate: x1.5
Nova: x1.5
Forgotten World Rate: x1
Holy Water Temple Rate: x1


Experience Rate: x25
Skillpoint Rate: x25
Gold Rate: x10

Registration: Everyday
Fortress War: Sunday (Start: 16:30 ~ End: 18:30)


Selkins & Neith: Everyday (04:00, 09:00, 13:00, 18:00, 23:00)
Anubis & Isis: Everyday (01:00, 06:00, 11:00, 15:00, 20:00)
Haroeris & Seth: Everyday (03:00, 08:00, 13:00, 17:00, 22:00)


Roc: Everyday (18:00)
Medusa: Everyday (12:00, 20:00)
Titans: Everyday (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00)


Special Goods: Everyday (Start: 13:00 ~ End: 17:00)


Capture the Flag Registration: Everyday (01:50~02:00, 03:50~04:00, etc)
Battle Arena Registration: Everyday (02:50~03:00, 04:50~05:00, etc)


Unique-Reset: Every Month
Academy-Reset: Every Month
Job-Reset: Every Month


TOP 1 Unique-Killer: Every Month
TOP 1 (Trader, Thief, Hunter) Job-Ranking: Every Month



5x Damage Increase Scrolls
5x Damage Absorbtion Scrolls
5x Reverse Return Scrolls
5x Resurrection Scrolls
5x Global Chatting
5x Berserk Potions
2x Copper Coin
2x Iron Coin
1x Silver Coin
1x Gold Coin


10x Damage Increase Scrolls
10x Damage Absorbtion Scrolls
10x Reverse Return Scrolls
10x Resurrection Scrolls
10x Global Chatting
10x Berserk Potions
4x Copper Coin
4x Iron Coin
2x Silver Coin
2x Gold Coin


20x Damage Increase Scrolls
20x Damage Absorbtion Scrolls
20x Reverse Return Scrolls
20x Resurrection Scrolls
20x Global Chatting
20x Berserk Potions
8x Copper Coin
8x Iron Coin
3x Silver Coin
3x Gold Coin


1. TOP (1) Trader: 1x Premium PLUS (30 Days)
1. TOP (1) Hunter: 1x Premium PLUS (30 Days)
1. TOP (1) Thief: 1x Premium PLUS (30 Days)


1. TOP (1) Unique-Killer: 1x Premium PLUS (30 Days)

1. Quiz Event
2. Lottery Event
3. Random Number Event
4. Party Number Event
5. Unique Event
6. Hide & Seek Event
7. Kill the GM Event
8. All vs All Event
9. Job War Event
10. 1 vs 1 Tournament
11. Alchemy Event
12. Last Man Standing

We have changed the party spawn ratio in alexandria, salt desert and job temple to 20% to reduce the high rare item drop also we changed the spawn of party so the party monster start to when the party is nearly full means 7/8 characters in one party. All other regions have a party monster spawn of 80% and start to spawn when 4 characters are in one party.
We have changed the Sellprice for Coins at NPC:

1x Arena Coin = 2.000.000
1x Copper Coin = 2.500.000
1x Iron Coin = 5.000.000
1x Silver Coin = 10.000.000
1x Gold Coin = 25.000.000

Login Panel



EXP & SP:50x





Hotan 20% Tax EvOlutioN

Jangan 20% Tax Jangan_Army

Bandit 20% Tax EMPTY



Dark_Wizard_ killed Demon Shaitan (1 hour ago)

Esh_EsH killed Demon Shaitan (1 hour ago)

Zoe killed Demon Shaitan (1 hour ago)

Esh_EsH killed Demon Shaitan (1 hour ago)

DarKStOrM killed Isyutaru (1 hour ago)

DarKStOrM killed Isyutaru (1 hour ago)

DxC killed Isyutaru (1 hour ago)